The ultra moisturizing mask by Shea Moisture: Mention very well!

he brand Shea Moisture is a brand that my hair is fond of. The range based on Coconut oil was rather convincing. Even though, I was expecting more moisturizing products. At the same time, my hair does not follow Coconut Oil so I did not base myself on it to judge the mark. That’s why I went to a richer range: the Jamaican Black Castor Oil range among other Carapate Oil or Black Castor Oil . I always look for more moisturizing and nourishing masks. That’s why I chose the Strengthen Grow & Restore Treatment Mask from Shea Moisture .

Strengthen Grow & Restore Treatment Mask

Overall, Shea Moisture packagings remain the same. Only things that change are the product designations and colors that identify each range. The Jamaican Black Castor Oil range is Yellow Poussin. The mask is based on:

Shea Butter: To bring intense hydration to the hair and scalp
Carapate Oil: Helps Promote Hair Growth
Peppermint: To stimulate and purify the scalp
This mask is composed only of good ingredients to bring the necessary nutrients to our hair.

An ultra moisturizing and nourishing mask

The color and texture of the mask does not make you want to soak your fingers. A kind of color “green goose”. On the other hand, the smell reassures because it smells rather good. Sincerely, this is the type of odor I love in hair products. Not too chemical, not too stubborn. An odor that I could not describe because it is neither flowery nor fruity. To return to the texture, it is thick enough and ensures excellent hydration. As usual, I imbibe my hair from the mask and it is nice to handle. It spreads well on the hair and brings an unequaled flexibility.

Loop definition and maximum flexibility

When rinsing, my hair is soft and supple. My curls are bounced and defined. To the touch, the hair is not dry at all. On the contrary, they are happy and say “Thank you”. In terms of use, the mask should be left for 5 to 10 minutes. The brand recommends using a plastic cap. I used it in two ways: First, letting it sit under my self-heating cap for up to 10 minutes. Secondly, let the air remain open by extending the exposure time up to 30 minutes. Both ways are also good. But I had a preference for the first use. The hair is really invigorated.

A beautiful composition and not tested on animals

What’s fun with Shea Moisture composition is without harmful components. Oust sulphates, mineral oils, PEG and so on! I’m not an enhanced composer so I’m fine with it. And of course, to top it off, the product is untested on animals. That is a criterion that I appreciate. I would have liked all brands to convert to this. Maybe someday ?!

This range is also suitable for chemically treated hair (straightening, etc.), colored hair and weaving or wigs. I advise all types of hair. It does not make hair heavy or greasy. The hair of the Caucasian type will also be able to please in this mask. Nevertheless, it is advised for dry to very dry hair .

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