My face care for my mixed skin | Moisturizing, Molding and Anti-Wrinkles

Since the month of November, I have given myself to heart joy on facial care products. Moreover, I began to take an interest in anti-wrinkle care. It seems that it is as early as 25 years, that you must begin the prevention of wrinkles! Moreover, I noticed the appearance of a white hair on the front of my skull snif … I almost cry! Finally, we can grow up.

I decided to present you my video care ritual. A year ago I wrote an article about my complete routine. You can find this article here , I talk about my routine for a mixed skin to oily. This time, I wanted to change the situation.

It’s been a year since I discovered the benefits of Tea Tree Essential Oil. I knew the Tea Tree thanks to a cleansing gel that helped me a lot to regulate my sebum. I started looking for the other virtues of this plant, especially on Aroma-Zone , and HE seemed very effective against acne, dandruff and other skin problems. From then on, I incorporate it into my masks and apply a few drops on my scalp. The benefits were immediate! I have no itch and my dandruff are no longer there!

Nevertheless, HEs are not advised at all. I share with you the effectiveness of Nettle Hydrolate against dandruff. I have not tried yet but I still wanted to talk about it because two youtubeuses use this hydrolat and are fully satisfied. Watch these two videos: Video 1 and Video 2 . You tell me the news !

What’s fun with Shea Moisture is that the composition is without harmful and chemical components. Oust sulphates, mineral oils, PEG and so on! I’m not an enhanced composer so I’m fine with it. And of course, to top it off, the product is untested on animals. That is a criterion that I appreciate. I would have liked all brands to convert to this. Maybe someday ?!This range is also suitable for chemically treated hair (straightening, etc.), colored hair and weaving or wigs. I advise all types of hair. It does not make hair heavy or greasy. The hair of the Caucasian type will also be able to please in this mask. Nevertheless, it is advised for dry to very dry hair

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