“Burnt Pepper” from Mac: The blush peach of all skin tones

“Burnt Pepper” from Mac: The blush peach of all skin tones

It is very rare that I speak to you of blushes or even of illuminators. In fact, those I have is counted on the fingers of both hands. It is not for want of loving this type of products but I do not feel the need to have “ten miles”. On the other hand the lipsticks is another story! I can have it full, I will never get tired of it. A different lipstick a day, why not! In any case, today I reverse the deal and I present the blush Burnt Pepper of Mac : A beautiful fishing that suits all skin tones. From the brightest to the darkest.

Burnt Pepper from Mac

It was quite by chance that I came across this blush. It is by looking at the different blushes of the shop, that my eyes fell on this magnificent fishing with a matte finish. By testing it on my wrist, I noticed a good pigmentation, a beautiful mattness and a perfect color to warm the complexion. Strangely, I had never heard of the “Burnt Pepper . Yet, as you can see, it is sumptuous!

In my opinion, it may be suitable for all skin tones. It is a peach hue neither too light nor too dark. Its texture makes it possible to wear it the day as the night. And its rather natural tint makes it easy to wear it and with all the make-up. Personally, I use it daily. Whether for work or school, it does not “too much” or “the babe who has bathed in the blush”. If you see what I mean ?! Well, his outfit is pretty good. It can last 5 hours easy, even in high heat.

On first use, I had a heavy hand. I had two sharp lines on each side. I started by fading in circular movements while bringing the product up to my cheekbones. Then I finished with a brush kabuki whose hair is much denser for a fading without demarcations. In conclusion, the blush fades quickly and melts quickly to the skin.

It’s a blush that helps me wake up my complexion in the morning. On my black skin, the result may be very natural but also more striking. It is very modular and can be adapted according to the rendering you want. Moreover, the spring is approaching with great pace so it will suit perfectly to the season.