The Motives Mavens are simply a group of ladies that decided that they wanted to support Motives. There are many other supporters of Motives but these ladies are so close to Motives that they are now influencing the future product strategy. This is another first for the industry and rivals are scrabbling to catch up with this initiative.

Motives also obtained celebrity users like Kim Kardashian and J.Lo and Celebrity Makeup artists like Mario Dedivanovic and Scott Barnes.

There have been thousands of mentions of Loren, LaLa and Motives in prestigious beauty, fashion and lifestyle magazines but this is not paid advertising.

Motives does two amazing things to cut costs – it doesn’t advertise and it doesn’t have brick and mortar stores. Can you imagine how much money this saves ???

Motives has very strong Internet and Social Media presence – with websites, instagram, facebook, twitter and youtube accounts.

New content is continuously being produced by the Motives Mavens and others and this is available to be re-used by Motives resellers and Beauty Consultants.

I don’t necessarily totally understand  why some of the images get liked and shared so much – but I don’t need to because whatever the reason it works.

The launch and growth of Motives will be looked back on as a classic example of the way that Internet marketing and social media when combined with word of mouth marketing and networking can accelerate the growth of a new product line.

I am a member of Motives’ parent companies Internet Marketing Strategy Team and when I first began working with Motives I studied what had been done so far – particularly in America.

Loren Ridinger ( who is Senior Vice President of Motives Parent Company ) and LaLa Anthony came up with a simple but very powerful way of marketing Motives after creating a high quality, fashion forward, on trend product line. Obviously they were completely confident of the quality of the product line – having modelled it on the best of the best make up that they used.

So, they wrote to some of the top beauty bloggers, video bloggers ( vloggers ), instagramers and youtube-ers and simply asked them if they would test some Motives products if they sent them. NOT would they write a blog, make a video, post an instagram picture etc but just would they test them. The result was in fact that huge numbers of blogs, pictures and video were made and that a group of supportive influencers would become the ” Motives Mavens “.